Your Current Life Situation (YCLS)

Domains: Economic Stability
Social and Community Context
Health and Clinical Care
Neighborhood and Physical Environment
Constructs: Employment
Medical Bills
Literacy and Health Literacy
Social Support Systems
Access to Health Care
Safety, Crime and Violence
Quality of Housing
Hunger/Food (In)security
Year Created: 2018
Number of Items: 32
Administration Time (Minutes): Not Reported
Administration Setting: Primary Care
Population Screened: All ages
Administration Methods: Paper

About the Tool

Your Current Life Situation is an up to 32-item questionnaire assessing needs in 6 domains (economic stability, education, social & community context, health & clinical care, neighborhood & physical environment, and food).

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LaForge K, Gold R, Cottrell E, Bunce AE, Proser M, Hollombe C, Dambrun K, Cohen DJ, Clark KD. How 6 Organizations Developed Tools and Processes for Social Determinants of Health Screening in Primary Care: An Overview. J Ambul Care Manage. 2018;41(1):2-14.   

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