Income, Housing, Education, Legal Status, Literacy, Personal Safety (IHELLP) Questionnaire

Domains: Economic Stability
Social and Community Context
Neighborhood and Physical Environment
Constructs: Employment
Early Childhood Education and Development
Immigration/Refugee Status
Safety, Crime and Violence
Quality of Housing
Hunger/Food (In)security
Year Created: 2007
Number of Items: 17
Administration Time (Minutes): Not Reported
Administration Setting: Inpatient
Specialty Care
Population Screened: Children and Families
Administration Methods: Verbal

About the Tool

The iHELP/iHELLP questionnaire has 14-24 questions assessing needs across 5 domains (economic stability, education, social & community context, neighborhood & physical environment, and food).

Read about development of the tool: 
Revisiting the social history for child health

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