Accountable Health Communities Health-Related Social Needs (AHC-HRSN)

Domains: Economic Stability
Social and Community Context
Constructs: Employment
Social Support Systems
Quality of Housing
Hunger/Food (In)security
Year Created: 2017
Number of Items: 26
Administration Time (Minutes): Not Reported
Administration Setting: Primary Care
Population Screened: Medicare/Medicaid
Administration Methods: Not Reported

About the Tool

The AHC-HRSN is a 10-item screening tool, with 16 supplemental questions, to identify patient needs that can be addressed through community services in 4 domains (economic stability, social & community context, neighborhood & physical environment, and food).

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Billioux A, Verlander K, Anthony S, Alley D. Stan­dardized screening for health-related social needs in clinical settings: The accountable health communities screening tool. Discussion Paper, National Academy of Medicine, Wash­ington, DC. 2017. Accessed June 14, 2018.

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