• Systematic Review of Social Risk Screening Tools

    Systematic Review of Social Risk Screening Tools

Screening for Social Risk

Health care systems are increasingly interested in screening for social risk factors given their prevalence and strong connection to health outcomes. Healthy People 2020 Objectives include addressing social determinants of health. Numerous stakeholders, researchers, and practitioners have independently developed social risk screening tools for use in health care settings making it unclear which tool is most appropriate for which populations or in which settings, and whether these tools can detect changes in social risks over time.

About the Site

This site is intended to help interested stakeholders (e.g., researchers, health care system administrators, providers, community partners) select social risk assessment tools most appropriate to their setting and population. Our team at Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute collaborated with the Social Interventions Research and Evaluation Network (SIREN) on a systematic review of multi-domain screening tools. The review provides an overview of each tool, describes the genesis of the tool, and assesses available evidence on the tool’s psychometric and pragmatic properties. To learn more about our systematic methods, go to the About page.